Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Win a ticket to GO GO CURRY Eating Championship!

Do you want to come to see the final round of GO GO CURRY Eating Championship on Saturday May 28th?5 lucky winners can join us to witness the greatest curry event in NYC!Please send us your name and phone number to

Each winner can bring one guest.
Winners will be chosen on May 26th and will be notifiy via e-mail.Since the space is limited, we can not invite everybody. SORRY!

Monday, May 16, 2011

3rd Annual GO GO CURRY Eating Championship Finalists!!

On Sunday May 15th ( also happend to be a go go day) , the last preliminary round was held and 6 contestants participated.
Funny thing is finalist from Japan, Masashi Okumura's time was 1:10 sec and even if he compted here in New York, he would have been ended up going to the final as 5th place!

Here are the finalists for this year's final round!

1) Joseph F. Menchetti 00:38:63
2) William Millender 0:43:09
3) Dave Goldstein 0:51:04

4) Kota Adachi 0:57:37

Hope to see you all next year!
5) Kenneth Tong 1:15:66
6) Hiroki Wakabayashi 1:17:97
7) Masaki Onuma 1:19:06
8) Derek Ogawa 1:21:19
9) Paul Arcaria 1:22:22
10) Aki Yuzawa 1:28:53
11) Dino Ostronsky 1:41:75
12) Tsuyoshi Shiina 1:44:62
13) MC Eleven 1:55:50
14) Rafi Kan 2:00:25
15) Ken Maekawa 2:01:91
16) Ken Yamada 2:08:91
17) Matthew Hu 2:21:47
18) Kazuhiro Nakamura 2:28:97
19) Thomas Elling 2:39:15
20) Dallas Penn 3:15:18

Friday, May 13, 2011

5/10's preliminary round was crazy!!! Joe Menchetti returns!

There are only 2 days left for the preliminary ruond and Tuesday 5/10, there are so many people showed up to try for this round.
The very first champion from the 1st annual GO GO CURRY Eating Championship, Mr. Joe Menchetti AKA Gentleman Joe came. He did it again. His record was 00:38:63!!!Sunday May 15th is the last day of preliminary round. I wonder if anybody who will beat Joe's record will show up!

Finalist from Japan:Masashi Okamura

In April 30th, preliminary round has held for the first time in Japan.
Mr. Masaaki Okumura whoes record was 1:10 sec finished as first place and he will be coming to New York to compete other competitive eaters on Saturday May 28th at GO GO CURRY USA in New York City!

Thank you for celebrating GO GO BIRTHDAY!

2011 May 5th was GO GO CURRY's 4th birthday! We had so many customers who came to our store to celebrate our birthday and of course to get our curry for $5 with 5 topping coupons!

Thank you so much!
Next year is "5"th year so we will have something big! Hope you can join us next year as well.