Friday, January 18, 2013

GO! GO! Curry Art Contest!

From January 2nd to 31st, Go!Go!Curry will have an art contest, using curry as the canvas and toppings to draw a picture. Upload your artwork to the corresponding store’s FACEBOOK FANPAGE and the photo with the most “Like”s wins. The contest will be carried out at each location from Jan. 2-31 with results announced Feb. 1 on the official Go! Go! Curry website, FACEBOOK and TWITTER page. A winner from each store will be chosen and awarded with a $ 55 gift certificate and presented with a special Go! Go! Curry T-shirt. Be sure to tell the clerk that you’re applying for the art contest when ordering so they can place toppings in a separate dish.  After you finish your artwork and post it on our facebook pages, please show them to our staff and we will give you free topping coupons depending how many toppings you purchased and used. ( If you purchase 3 toppings for the contest, we will give you 3 topping coupons after you created your artwork and post it on our facebook fan page.) There will be an exhibition of the work from all participants Feb. 4-28 at the Time Square flagship store. Please send the photo along with where it was taken by E-mail to the following address: